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Shopping Cart

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What is it?
When you use PayPal's free Shopping Cart on your website, your customers can purchase multiple items with a single payment, browse your entire selection, and view a consolidated list of all their items before purchasing. The PayPal Shopping Cart is a low-cost way for you to accept credit card and bank account payments, and can be fully integrated with your website in a few easy steps.
For a lively shopping experience shopping cart is a very important tool. Using this tool the user can collect all the things that he wants to purchase and at the end of his shopping spree, can buy it all. On the completion of the selection the tool displays the total amount payable. So, to make your E-commerce website a “complete hit” contact our team of experts now.

What are the benefits?
Save time and money with PayPal's hassle-free Shopping Cart:

  • Easy to implement - no CGI scripting necessary
  • No up-front costs - you'll have the same low fee schedule used when you receive other PayPal payments
  • Sell with ease - PayPal maintains detailed transaction records on our website
  • Improve buyer experience - with customizable buttons and secure payments, happy customers become repeat customers

PayPal Shopping Cart Benefits
1. Easily accept online payments
You can accept credit card or paypal payments by embedding html code in your web page.
PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and eChecks.

2. No need for customer to have a PayPal account
Only Business and Premier account holders can accept payments from a non-PayPal member. With the PayPal Account Optional feature, customers new to PayPal don’t need to create a PayPal Account to pay a Money Request/Invoice or to complete a purchase.Alternatively the customer can pay with a credit card.

3. Send money to anyone with an email address.
To accept payments online, without a website, use Email Payments. It’s a fast and secure way to bill customers and accept credit card, bank, and PayPal payments online.

4. No separate hosting, shopping cart, payment gateway or merchant account required.
If you’re setting up your own shopping cart, merchant payment, payment gateway, you have the added problem of security.
The cost of a shared certifcate to make a transaction safe is a hidden cost to associated with your own merchant account.Minimum charges of most merchant accounts can add up fast.These processes are integrated in the PayPal Shopping CartSoftware so it solves all those problems.

5. Transactions are very secure
Your sensitive financial information is securely stored on their servers.
When you use PayPal to pay online, you provide only your PayPal email address.
The merchants/retailers receive payment from PayPal without ever seeing your financial information.
Every PayPal payment is followed by an email confirming your transaction.
All PayPal transactions are covered with 100% protection against unauthorized payments sent from your account.

6. Inexpensive set-up and processing fees
There are no setup charges, monthly charges, merchant,gateway or shopping cart fees. Payment processing, fraud protection, and merchant tools to accept payments on your website are all included in PayPal’s costs.
Fees are applied only when you accept a payment if you don’t receive money, you don’t pay a anything.

7. Integrates well with other payment processors

8. Easy set-up
There is no complex computer programming necessary. You simply enter the details of the product you wish to sell (ie name, SKU number, price) and paypal will produce the html code you need to embed within your web page.

9. Add product details
For each item, you can specify the item’s name, price,shipping, tax and handling fees, ID number, and invoice number. In addition, you can customize your buyer’s experience by specifying the destination URLs when they complete a successful payment or cancel a payment.

10. Add multiple options
You can also create drop down lists to specify the color, size, etc of your items. This helps your customers to select the correct options before purchasing the item without leaving product page.

11. Use multiple buttons
Besides the PayPal Shopping Cart button codes, you may use the button code for PayPal Donations, or Buy Now Button
code. The buttons are also customizable if you wish to create your own.
Buy Now Buttons enable you to sell single items form your web site. PayPal Donation buttons allow you to accept online donations. PayPal Subscriptions and Recurring Payments lets you accept recurring payments for your services.

12. Include your own logo or background
The PayPal logo is shown at the top of the payment pages, however you can use your own logo, background and border
colors to integrate the cart with your web site.

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