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Elixir Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading offshore software development, Web Development Rajasthan company which deals in Customized Software Development, Implementation support, Quality Assurance, Hi-tech Multimedia Designing Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Search Engine Optimization.


Proof Reading

Proof reading and copy editing, these both terms are separate, but there is some overlap between the two. Sometimes proofreading is used incorrectly to refer to copyediting. Proofreading and copyediting, both have a different meaning.

Proofreading consists of reviewing any text, either hard copy (on paper) or electronic copy (on a computer) and checking for typos and formatting errors. This may be done either against an original document or "blind" (without checking against any other source). A proof copy is a version of a manuscript that has been typeset after copyediting. Proof typescripts often contain typing errors which are introduced by mistyping. Traditionally, a proofreader checks the typeset copy and marks any errors by house style or more broadly. This process can be known as a Line Edit. The proof is then returned to the typesetter for correction. Proofreading is considered a specific skill that must be learned because it is the nature of the mind to automatically correct errors. Someone not trained in proofreading may not see errors such as missing words or improper usage.

Copy Editing
Copy editing is the editorial work that an editor does to make formatting changes and improvements to a manuscript. Typically, copy editing involves correcting spelling, terminology, punctuation and grammatical and semantic errors; ensuring that the typescript adheres to the publisher's house style; and adding standardized headers, footers, headlines etc.
The copy editor is expected to ensure that the text flows, that it is sensible, fair, and accurate, and that it will provoke no legal problems for the publisher. Often, the copy editor is the only person other than the author to read an entire text before its publication. A copy editor may abridge text, by "cutting" and "trimming" it, to reduce the length of a an article. The copyeditor's job is summarized in the Five categories: to make the copy clear, correct, concise, comprehensible and consistent.

Elixir in Proofreading and Copy editing

Elixir Technologies provide a reliable, quick and accurate service. All our readers are English native speakers with a postgraduate qualification. We can also help you to write and edit your business projects, reports and presentations in clear.
We can accept documents in either electronic or printed form. We aim to complete proof-reading, editing and advising on your documents at your given time period. Although at busy times longer reports may take a little extra time. If you wish us to use any of our services, please contact us so we can allocate you a place in our schedule.

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