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Elixir Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading offshore software development, Web Development Rajasthan company which deals in Customized Software Development, Implementation support, Quality Assurance, Hi-tech Multimedia Designing Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Search Engine Optimization.


Pay Per Click Management

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Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is the fastest growing segment of online advertising. According to Forbes Magazine, by the year 2008, companies will spend $8 Billion a year on PPC advertising.
Not only is the market growing, the average cost per click (CPC) too is increasing at a rapid rate. Reprise Media reported that in the past three years the growing interest in PPC advertising has caused a rise in keyword costs of some markets by 25 percent.

Therefore, it is important for companies to have a professional and affordable pay per click campaign management service manage their PPC account. By outsourcing your PPC Management you will optimize your click price, increase your conversion rates and generate new sales. Benchmark PPC specializes in managing all aspects of client’s PPC campaigns, from keyword selection to bid management, ad creation and ad testing. The ultimate goal is to increase the ROI and profitability of our clients.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Management Services Include:
Automated bid management
Budget management
Keyword research
Creative editing
Campaign assessment meetings
Click fraud negotiations
Personal account managers
Advanced ROAS software
Competitive analysis
Detailed campaign analysis and reporting
Opportunity identification
Offline sales tracking
Comparison shopping feed management

Overture and Google Adwords
PPC search engines offer instant traffic, completely side stepping the lengthy process of optimizing sites for the search engines. In addition, they allow you to optimize your site for your human visitors and not just those machines that spider your site. In a way it seems you can have it all - traffic and an on-topic site designed for your customer.

Wait, you say...too good to be true! Of course, we agree. After having spent countless hours and recovering from every pitfall imaginable in the Pay Per Click game, we have to say the promise is there, but someone must be willing to do the work. We have done the work over and over. We've read the books, we hang out in Forums dedicated to Pay Per Click topics, we are constantly performing research, but most of all, we are doing it live on many campaigns - and making it work.But if you're a business prefessional, a site owner, a graphic designer who just wants a little bit of exposure and doesn't really care about the ins and outs of "exact match" vs "broad match" and which partner sites carry one engine's ads or another...you just want traffic...don't worry! Whether you're a seasoned PPC Pro or a "newbie", we can still work with you.

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Top 10 PPC search engines:
Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing, Findwhat, Search feed and other major search engines like Enhance, Search 123, Kanoodle, Epilot, Findology and Goclick.

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