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Elixir Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a leading offshore software development, Web Development Rajasthan company which deals in Customized Software Development, Implementation support, Quality Assurance, Hi-tech Multimedia Designing Solutions, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Search Engine Optimization.


Makeovers or Re-design

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You have information about your company , your products , your policies already online in your existing website, but did you realised ever that it was made ages ago and by this time things have changed a lot in between.You didn't you feel you are left behind in the tough competitive race. There is a serious need of redesigning your website !As time moves on things change. In today's world of technologies, changes occure every minute so you have to keep yourself updated every single moment.

Check your website from a customer's point of view , then you would realise why there is a need for revamp. Make sure your website is reaching to your customers.You would have to make changes to your website according to the new concepts of SEO and search engine.Your website should be compatible to new laws and regulations of search engines.Higher your ranking more the number of enquiries would be.

We are here to suggest you and get you the new look and feel of your website.We will do the complete makeover of website , making it compatible with search engines and hence enhancing the SEO rankings. We will do the every tiny detail needed to improve your website, be it coding , metatagging, keyword addition, improved graphics, every aspect would be researched in detail and then implemented .And all this through Elixir Technologies Pvt. Ltd. low cost website redesign services.

We have nurtured dozens of companies through this process of alignment and realignment. And the website redesign results are always the same: Better image, more qualified site visitors, reduced expenses, and higher revenues and profits. Don't forget to think about search engine positioning service as part of your website redesign project. Our redesign services are low cost and maintenance could be done in web page layout,correcting meta tags, website redesign optimization for better SEO.

Reasons why you should get your website redesigned :

To get more people visit the site.
For better Search Engine Optimization, so that your site ranks among top.
For better " Theme" and good " Look and feel" .
To cope up with competitors.
The content should be easy to understand and should convey message in few words.
For easy navigation and keeping user for longer time on the website.

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